On, we get to learn more about wild tigers, than about the service itself. It is true that the team has tried to present the company and the writers; but still, we don’t know much about their background – where did they study and what, how many years of experience do they have in the custom essay writing field and so on. Next, the website doesn’t have a separate page with the services offered. So at a first look, students can’t find out what they can purchase from here. Then, after exploring the website, we have learned that on the very bottom of the page, there is a short list with some services presented. But this is not the right place to display your offer.


We were disappointed to find that this company delivers only four categories of services. These are: writing from scratch, editing/proofreading, multiple choice questions and problem solving. Additionally, on the bottom of the page, we can see other services presented, too, like research paper writing, academic writing, business writing and homework writing. However, the issue still stands – what kind of paper can students purchase from this company? Can customers rely on for absolutely any kind of text? Or they must come here, ask and wait for a decision from the writers? Anyway, students don’t have the necessary time to make these inquires.


The prices depend on the type of service, deadline and academic level. These are not very high, but they are not cheap either. Here is an example: for writing from scratch, for 24 hour delivery, customers must pay $23 per page for undergraduate level, $27 per page for bachelor level, $35 per page for professional level and $72 per page for admission help. It doesn’t seem fair to ask for that much money for admission help. The difference among the rest of the academic levels is between 4 and 8 dollars. However, when we reach the admission help, prices go up more than twice! According to our information, this method is used to take advantage of the students’ desperate need of getting into college.

Discounts and special offers

For their first order on the website, customers get 10% discount. Then, depending on the total sum of the next order, the company offers 5% discount for more than $500 spent on a paper, and 10% off for sums over $1000.